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February Heart Health

February is Heart Health  by Sharon Lewis Imagine the heart as a tireless conductor, orchestrating the ballet of life within our bodies….


Millennials Talk God

By Vince Robinson The African American Archives Auxiliary and African American Initiatives at the Western Reserve Historical Society partnered with the…

Common Sayings from the Bible

By Larry Frazier If you have ever wondered where some of the sayings and expressions that have found their way into…

God Uses Small Things

An excellent example of something small and powerful is the tongue. Somebody once said that all parts of the human…

Let There Be Peace on Earth

By Pastor Larry Frazier In 1955, Jill and Sy Miller wrote a song entitled “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” Those…


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Student Protest

By Margaret Adams One week ago six people (three children aged nine, and three adults) were killed by a person using…


Cowboy The Backyard Music Man

Quest Writer Johnnie L. Mayhew has been deejaying music for more than twenty-three years. Known as Cowboy, The Backyard Music Man,…



Do You Have A Dream?

A Poem by Presious Mills The man of God had a dream. One that would ring from the depths of his heart. The…



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